Comments that don’t help at all

I wanted to write about this subject too, but fellow blogger Nintschgo wrote a beautiful piece on the subject to which I can fully relate. Check her blog for more well-written articles on borderline.


As my meet&greet project was such a huge success (if it hadn’t been for two people who answered I would’ve thought something went wrong when I published it) I thought it might be time for something “deeper”.

This is probably a topic that has been covered in many blogs similar to mine but nevertheless I have the feeling I should write about it: Things that people say when they hear about a mental health issue that can hurt those who have a disorder. I’m not going to talk about obviously insulting comments like “You’re a lunatic!” or “Are you stupid?” because I reckon that most people are able to recognize that those are not very helpful things to say.

I want to talk about things that people might say because they try to be helpful but really they aren’t. Lets start with a classic one:

  • (To a depressed person) “Just…

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