Themed entries, ideas for the future and updates

Dear readers,

I have decided to make blogging more easy for myself. I am going to write more, but shorter entries. Sporadically, I will post a more elaborate entry based on a certain topic, based on both mental illness and Buddhism or Buddhist psychology. From now on, you will find these themed topics under the ‘Themed Blog Entries’ header. ‘Normal’ posts can be found using the main page.

As you may have read, my Borderline Personality Disorder is in remission, which means that the symptoms of illness are absent. I feel stronger and stable for quite a while now. Some days there are setbacks, but I use meditation and mindfulness to check my mind. Whenever I am agitated by something, I immediately try to apply some mindfulness lessons, so I can find out why I am agitated. That way, I will usually see that there is no real reason to be agitated and I will instantly calm my mind. It works, it really does. So all in all, I have come quite a long way and I have felt much better during the past half year.

I am currently reading a lot of literature related to Buddhist psychology and applied Buddhism. I started blogging so I could inspire others who are struggling with mental illness and Borderline Personality Disorder and try to help them. This in turn has inspired me to take up a new adventure in life. I am going to try and study Buddhist psychology in order to become a certified mindfulness trainer. From there on, I hope I can study applied Buddhism and basic psychology (which has always interested me) and start an own practice in which I can help people who suffer from PTSD, BPD and related mental ilness by applying the teachings of the dharma and mindfulness in general. Let’s see where this path takes me!




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